Friday, February 8, 2013

Welcome to EDeafMath

[Content presented in ASL following English text.]

Teachers:  Do you have a deaf student in your math class?  Or maybe all of the students in your class are deaf.  Do you teach middle school math?  High school?  College?  If you teach math, and you teach at least one deaf or hard of hearing student, then this vlog is for you!
This vlog will emphasize:
- Accessibility:  this vlog about mathematics education for deaf students will be presented in sign language and English text.
- Practical ideas:  lessons and resources that real teachers can use in their classrooms the next day.
- Interaction:  teachers are encouraged to make comments and send questions; we can all learn from each other.
I am Dawn Kidd, and I teach middle school mathematics at the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin, TX.  But this is not about is about you and your students.  Let's start the conversation about mathematics and our deaf students...I am looking forward to it.