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[Content is presented in ASL following English text.]

This vlog is for all teachers of deaf or hard of hearing students.  Any comments, concerns, questions, or ideas, please contact the author, Dawn Hoyt Kidd, via email:  dawn.kidd@tsd.state.tx.us.
This vlog is part of the DeafTEC project.   DeafTEC provides resources for high schools and community colleges that educate deaf and hard-of-hearing students in STEM-related programs.  Have a look at deaftec.org for more information.
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  1. Dawn, thank you for taking on this project. I am so excited to see your future posts, and I look forward to learning more about math from a master teacher like yourself.

    This is going to be such a valuable resource for deaf educators!

    1. Thanks Joey - and I hope to gather ideas for teaching math to deaf students from other wonderful teachers such as yourself. Stay tuned and tell your friends!